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Filipino Travel Agents: First Time Immigrant To Canada Airfare Tips

contact filipino travel agent for filipino immigrant to canada ticketsAre you a first time immigrant to Canada and would want to know where to find discounted airfare for your trip?

If so, this article will point you in the right direction on who to go to in case you are seeking the best deal for you on your flight to Canada.

Specifically, this will discuss the importance of a Filipino travel agent who is in the best position to help you in your search.

After reading this, you will have the general idea on how people save money and obtain the necessary assistance when they decide to get their first time immigrant airline ticket from one of their kababayan.

If you are coming to Canada for the first time as an immigrant and you are from the Philippines, a Filipino travel agent who specializes in airfares for those who are coming to Canada is your best choice of saving money on your plane ticket and getting the needed assistance.

(An ethnic Filipino-owned travel agency can help you best as a first time immigrant to Canada.)

Not everyone knows this but, ethnic Filipino agents who are based in Canada and have travel agency connection in the Philippines not only provide you with the savings you are seeking but can help you best in gathering the requirements needed to satisfy Government requirements.

Many people think that Expedia and other online travel agencies give them the best priced airfare. Not so. Both Expedia and your travel agent (whoever she is) obtain their airline pricing from the same system called the airline distribution system. This is not known to a lot of people.

Not only that. In case you need information on what the requirements are needed to satisfy to government regulations pertaining to overseas contract workers, Expedia cannot help you with them. No one in their call center personnel are equipped with knowledge on government regulations regarding overseas workers.

(Expedia and other online travel agencies will not be able to meet the support needed by the newcomer compared with travel agencies specializing in first time immigrant airfares from the Philippines because of lack of knowledge on their real needs.)

Ok, that seems logical – but what do you look for in a reliable travel agent to help you in your first time immigrant airline ticket?

First of all, the travel agent should have representation both in Canada and in the Philippines.

Secondly, both the Philippine representative and the Canadian travel counselor should know the requisites of both the Canadian and Philippine governments regarding departing Filipino expatriates.

Third, both the Canadian travel counselor and the Philippine travel agent must have access to an airline distribution system so that they can pull in real time the available seats on any airline company.

Fourth, both issuing office in the Philippines and the travel counselor in Canada have been doing business for a long time and can vouch for each others integrity.

Fifth, both must have access to consolidator (wholesale) companies or have direct access to airline contracts so that the passengers can benefit from discounted ticket announcements not available to the general public.

Those are just some of the what you should be checking out if you are on the search for a the best airfare for a first time immigrant and a quality service from a Filipina travel counselor.

If your travel representative can satisfy most of what was discussed above, you can forget Expedia – who is not really the best go-to agency when it comes to first-timer airfare to Canada.

Instead, choose a reliable Filipino-owned travel agency in Canada, who have an agency office in the Philippines, for your immigrant airline ticket.

Get more information from a reliable Filipina travel agent by calling the numbers: (780)757-8883, (416)803-6316, (647)707-2164, (780)328-6644 or (647)477-1317.

Discounted Airfare Tips: Prepaid Ticket Advice For First Time Immigrants

plane ticket from philippines to canada cheapFor many people, immigrating to Canada is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream. But, it comes with its own pains, sacrifices, and efforts. For one, the preparation is a long process that can take months, even years. Expenses can continue to mount as you process papers, finalize documents, and prepare for your travel. For many would-be immigrants, the pocket is the one that experiences the most pain.

Filipino travel agencies are the best source of first time immigrant airfare from Philippines to Canada.

You would be glad to know, however, that there are ways to save some bucks as you work on your immigration to Canada. One of these is in the purchase of your first-time immigrant plane ticket to Canada. While airfare usually makes a huge dent in the pocket of first-time immigrants, there are some things that you can do to avoid the soaring airfare prices.

Online Booking vs. Travel Agents

Most people swear by independent online booking as the way to save money on airfare. Every now and then, airlines offer discounted ticket rates for a limited amount of time. These are offered on a first book-first serve basis, so timing is very important.

However, while airline companies offer online sale, this is not a sure way to save because:

> Sales are usually offered during low-peak seasons only.

> They are offered for a limited time only (sometimes, you’ll know about the sale only after it has ended).

> There are so many people waiting for airfare sales, so the chances of getting one are actually little.

> Sometimes, whatever discount you get from an online airfare sale is offset by surcharge fees and taxes, so the final amount that you need to pay is still big.

One other option that you have is a travel agent. The good thing about travel agents is that you can benefit from their expertise and their connection.

Travel agents will not only help you find lower airfare; they can also help you with some of the immigration papers that you’ll have to accomplish and process.

You might be surprised to know that online booking and travel agents use the same system (known as GDS or global distribution system) to access the inventory of seat availability among different airlines. The only difference is that while online booking requires you to do the search yourself, travel agencies will do this for you (as part of their service). Now how do travel agencies help you get more savings?

Travel agents can get past through the hurdles of online booking as mentioned above? Why? Well, because they have connection. In terms of getting savings on airline tickets, travel agents can offer you better deals because of “consolidators.”

A consolidator is a travel company or agency that buys consolidated tickets from airline companies, tickets for a certain number of seats that are sold cheaper. Every airline has reserved seats, or allowances (pertaining to the number that will most likely be unsold), which they sell at a discounted rates.

Consolidators often buy a certain number of these seats, which they then offer to their clients — cheaper than regular tickets. It is this which makes dealing with travel agencies better in many cases.

Discounted Ticket Rates for First Time Immigrants to Canada

This is not known to many people, but many airlines actually offer discounted ticket rates for those immigrating to Canada for the first time. Some people reported asking airline employees about this and only getting puzzled looks in response; that is because the said benefit is not usually advertised. To avail of such, you may have to ask your trusted travel agent in the Philippines or Canada. They can help you avail of the said benefits as they have long-term experience in dealing with first-time immigrants airline tickets.

Round Trip Tickets vs. One-Way Tickets

Those immigrating to Canada will naturally need only a one-way ticket to Canada (after all, you won’t be returning to the Philippines anytime soon). However, there have been unusual feedback from some first-time immigrants who had difficulty finding an affordable one-way ticket to Canada but were able to find a cheaper ticket, only the ticket is two way or round trip. This is uncommon, but if you can’t find a one-way ticket that suits your budget, you may want to try searching for a round trip ticket instead. The possibility of finding a cheaper ticket this way is slim, but it would be best to leave no stone unturned.

Paying by Credit Card

Paying via credit card when purchasing your airfare ticket is always considered safer. However, you must know that in paying for airline tickets via credit card, some travel agencies will charge an additional 3% to the total amount for the transaction fee. Others will not do this because the fee is already included in the final amount of the airfare that they will quote you.

When shopping for airline tickets, it will be best for you to ask the travel agency whether they will still charge an additional transaction fee for credit card payment. Who knows, a slightly more expensive airline ticket may prove to be cheaper than a seemingly affordable ticket but with an added transaction fee in the final computation.

Prepaid Ticket Advice

The Prepaid Ticket Advice (PTA) is a system that will work for those residing in Canada and want to pay for the ticket of a family member who is immigrating.

Now, while those who are doing their booking online may not need this, this is beneficial for those who are working with travel agencies.

If you are in Canada and find yourself in this situation, the most common recourse for you would be to send money to your family in the Philippines so that they can pay the agency for their ticket.

Well, with the PTA or Prepaid Ticket Advice, you can now buy your family’s tickets in Canada and just have them pick up those tickets in the Philippines.

Commonly, the Filipino travel agent in Canada has to have a representative travel agency office in the Philippines for this to work.

This system offers several advantages:

> It removes the need for additional remittance fee because you won’t have to send airfare money to your family anymore; you can buy their tickets yourselves.

> There’s no more need to worry about the fluctuations in exchange rate between Canadian dollars and Philippine peso, which may affect the amount of money that you’ll need to send.

> If you are in Canada and you have relatives in the Philippines who are busy processing immigration papers, with little time in their hand for such things as the purchase of their plane tickets, one way you can help them is to buy their tickets for them. This is a hassle-free system that will surely be of great help to you and your relatives.

> If you’re a parent in Canada and you’re bringing your kids to Canada from the Philippines, you won’t need to worry about their plane tickets because you can buy the tickets and just have your kids pick them up at the travel agency in the Philippines.

First-time immigration to Canada may be tasking and expensive at the same time. But, it is possible to get discounts if you just know where to look and who to turn to.

Inquire about discounted first time immigrant airfare from Manila to Toronto at a Filipino travel agency in Canada.

Phone: (780)757-8883 or (647)707-2164 or (647)477-1317 – Asia Connection Travel Services